What is over dimensional haulage?

Of course, such loads definitely require an individual approach and consideration of all parameters of the goods. In accordance with applicable regulations, we organize oversized transport when the permissible parameters of cargo transport by road are exceeded. And these permissible parameters of the goods are the key to choosing the right trailer and carrier, and an inexperienced logistician or forwarder may unfortunately cause additional costs.

Oversized transport, over dimensional haulage and permissible transport parameters:

Length – the permissible total length of a vehicle combination cannot exceed 18.75 m, with the exception of a car with a semi-trailer, the length of which cannot exceed 16.5 m.
Width – cannot exceed 2.55 m
Height – the height of the vehicle including the load cannot exceed 4 m
Weight – total weight 42 tons
Therefore, we can assume that in road transport, whenever the size or weight of the load exceeds the parameters permitted by law, we organize oversize transport on low-bed trailers, and the carrier must obtain appropriate permits for the transport of an oversize vehicle. In certain cases, the law requires the use of a remote control during transport and appropriate preparation of road infrastructure for the duration of the journey.

Over dimensional haulage – this type of transport is used to transport, for example, industrial equipment, structures, ship components, etc. You still don’t know whether your goods are classified as oversized? You don’t know which trailer to choose for transport? Contact us and our experts will advise you on choosing a trailer and will take care of everything for you and your over dimensional haulage. However, if you prefer to organize transport, over dimensional in haulage on your own, please continue reading in which I will try to familiarize you with the know-how of oversized transport.