Pallet delivery UK costs little!

The packed pallet delivery UK should be carefully wrapped with stretch foil, the beginning of the foil should be tied on the post. The pallet delivery UK is wrapped with foil many times and then fastened with straps or special tapes. The upper edge should also be reinforced with polystyrene supports and cardboard. A consignment note should be glued to a pallet packed in such a way – this letter must never be inside the package.

When ordering a courier to pallet delivery to UK, also remember to mark that it is a pallet delivery UK and shipment order to avoid a situation in which the courier arrives unprepared to pick it up. By selecting a pallet shipment, you can be sure that it will be picked up by a vehicle equipped with a special lift. You can help with loading onto the bus or place an order for a car with a lift by contacting our Customer Service Office after placing an online order.

It is worth choosing a pallet shipment especially in industries where standard parcels weigh 20-50 kg. Transport on pallets may then turn out to be more cost-effective than sending many single parcels of this weight.